June 2018 Calendar

June Jazz Calendar 2018

Happy Summer Jazzercise friends,
What beautiful, HOT weather we’ve been having! For those of you who love it HOT, I bet you’ve been very happy this past week. Enjoy June in lovely Wisconsin~new leaves on the trees, green grass, flowers and birds.
Sadly, our time has come to an end at HCLC on Saturday, June 9. It’s been a great ride! This school year HCLC will have ALL school age children in the building, (not just middle school) so they will be using the community center gym as a school gym. I have been looking for facilities since last fall. It has been quite a process. Happily, I found the lovely Cho’s Martial Arts School, 8550 W. Forest Home Avenue as our new home for the 4 morning classes. Same days and times as we’ve had for many years. Our 1st morning at Cho’s will be Monday, June 11. The building is new, spacious, lots of big windows and with a very nice floor. Because of the floor, it is a MUST that we all wear outside shoes into the building and change to indoor, clean shoes once inside. Street shoes CANNOT be worn indoors. Check your Jazzercise shoes. Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a new pair of supportive footwear. Your body will thank you. 🙂 Also, please bring your own hand weights. They are very inexpensive at Target or Walmart in the sporting goods department. Thank you for your understanding.
1) All PM classes during the month of June will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
2) Happy Father’s Day to our 3 Jazzercise dads and to ALL fathers everywhere. I sure miss mine.
3) I look forward to returning to teaching class VERY soon. My R shoulder has been quite a process also.
4) Please share the change of facilities with others and feel free to help bring a few new faces to our classes. New students may Jazzercise ALL SUMMER for $99.00. Unlimited classes and NO joining fee.
5) Please let me know if you have questions or concerns. I’m here to help you.
Thank you everyone. Here we go….moving together!

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